A Psychological Test on Stress based on Different Types of Cats Reveals Unique Insights from the Cat Cafe!!!


Just choose your cat and it will introduce a psychological test that reveals your “stress level”.

Psychological Test Start!

Question: You’ve been visiting the cat cafe. Therefore, it had been tame you to No. 1, how about you what cat of the following?

1. Tortoise Shell Cat

2. White Cat

3. Tea Tiger Cat

4. Black Cat

Here are the Results!

So, we will announce the results! *In the order of the answer, I tried to provide this answer in the order of the more common order of stress level cat listed.

If you selected the “White Cat”

your level of stress is most likely closest to the 100 percent Stress Level. “White” is the colour that has the power to return you to the pure state. If you were attracted to the “white cat”, you are existing under a simmering and dangerous state of stress at this time.

If you selected the “Black Cat”

your level of stress is most likely closest to the 70 percent Stress Level. “Black” is the colour that is reminiscent of the dark and heavy state. Even while tired of the human relationship, what not it or working hard while withstanding the pressure around will feel lonely as well.

If you selected the “Tea Tiger Cat”

your level of stress is most likely closest to the 40 percent Stress Level. “Brown” is a colour reminiscent of effort and patience. Since this state either to continue to put up will be stressed to the brink of explosion, it might be a good When I unplug the power of the shoulder once in a while.

If you selected the “Tortoise Shell Cat”

your level of stress is most likely closest to the 10 percent Stress Level. The “mixed three colours” shows the change and diversity. Although there is still room, what not it something has frustrated his own status quo. At that time, even to try to try the day-to-day in the unusual method might be good.

Try to Eliminate Stress Accumulated Stress!


Whatever the result, it’s is essential to release the stress since is not good for the body! It is important to be aware of the 3R’s Principles. 3R stands for, Rest (Rest), Recreation (Fun), Refresh (Diversion). Just in case you feel stress even a little, it may mean that your life may be lacking in one of the 3R areas and you may have to consider doing something in one of those 3 areas to regain your balance.

For example, the activity of “karaoke” provides two components of R’s, fun and diversion.

What do you think? This psychological test that reveals the “stress level” by the person’s choice of cat. I would like to practice the 3R so I can enjoy all colours and types of cats.


source: livedoor.com / excite.co.jp