Banana Art is Amazing and These Creative Masterpieces are Fantastic to See!!!

By the time of the child, the parent, ” Do not play with food! “Not that it was angry to say so? It certainly play in the food is not that much good, but I think that it is different and if you can create a work of this level.

This work Netherlands, Rotterdam-based artist, is Stephan Brusche was produced, banana Art was a banana to the material he is posted to Instagram the art made ​​with bananas and its possible terrible has become a hot topic in the world!

Stephan Brusche’s Flipnote

Elephant, banana in ivory! This is the famous Simpsons dad! ! Fantastic but … length over IKirin’s neck with two Tsukai! Viking Who If this level also complain will not say!






His work has been posted on Instagram.

The birth of Venus #bananacelli #fruitdoodle #botticelli #thebirthofvenus

photo Stephan Brusche’s (isteef) Submitted –

please those who worried about seeing check here Instagram too!

Bananas could not see even thought Nante become Art! edible art “Banana Art” quite back is it is a deep look! !


Source: Dailymail.Co.Uk
Source: instagram