Rare Frozen Phenomena in Nature Creates Spectacular And Timeless Beauty!!!

Source: Greatlife.Livedoor.Biz

This photo was taken in the Petrer Islands in Antarctica and shows the phenomenon called “Blue Ice”. At first glance, it looks like a frozen wave.

Blue Ice, What Is It Doing?

This phenomenon ice has been compressed over a long time and seems missing air bubbles which allows the transmission of the blue colour of the water to be seen. White light cannot be reflected since there is no air in the ice.

Source: Greatlife.Livedoor.Biz

It is a magnificent naturally created art!

More Natural Phenomena, “The Ice Circle”

Here is the natural phenomenon called “The Ice Circle” also referred to as “ice disk”. In rivers, as ice gradually melts, the current and rotation of the water gathers the remaining ice into a circle shape. You can watch the video below and “the ice circle” can be seen rotating very slowly in the river.

source: Youtube

See Video Here

source: Youtube

In Addition, the “Frost Flower” Phenomenon.

This lake blooms “Frost Flowers”. The following photograph was taken at Lake Akan in Hokkaido and can only be seen in the December-March period when it is covered with ice.

source: greatlife.livedoor.biz

The conditions under which Frost Flower can be created is that the temperature needs to be equal to minus 15 ℃ followed by that calm state of weather conditions afterward. It has the perfect conditions for the bloom of the “frost flowers”!

What did you think? I want to fly to a location where there is a superb view of the ice right now!

Source: greatlife.livedoor.biz / ​​Youtube / hokkaido-labo.com