A Paper Flower Machine that Create Beautiful Decorations Easily and Instantly!!!

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Paper Flowers are indispensable for decoration at the time of various events such as a birthday party or a cultural festival.  It has become a hot topic in the fact that there is a super-efficient build machine that makes Paper Flowers.

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In the process of making paper flowers, I think this machine is convenient and its work can be shortened!

“Make Flower Hanako-chan” Paper Flower Machine.

The name of the machine is the “Make Flower Hanako-chan” . Quite an unforgettable name. It features a simple operation to slide the lever by setting up your paper flower design often using 5-8 sheets of paper. It is efficient to use and you are  able to make large quantities of flowers at a time! For more information, please click here .


(Proper Use of Make-Up Flower Hanako-chan)

First, set up the paper on the machine.

Slide the lever.

The bellows will instantly fold the paper.

After it is tied with a rubber band, you can staple the folded paper at the center, then extend the folded paper in the shape of flowers. source: Youtube

Since you can fold many pieces of paper into the bellows mechanism so you can make a variety of decorations.

source: kouenji.foryou.or.jp

See Video Here

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