Man Dismissed Car Trouble Parking with Brute Strength and Heroic Gallantry!!!


A car parked in the bicycle traffic lane was adjusted by a very large and strong man who lifted and adjusted the car into the proper parking space. A video taken of the whole situation which quickly became a viral hit online.

He slowly lifts the rear of the car and adjusted the parking position. Wow! That takes a lot of strength to do by yourself!

Wow, I was now able to access the bicycle traffic lanes now thank to the heroic stranger!

Some people were quite unhappy with this car blocking the bicycle lane but this mysterious strong man quietly and quickly solved the problem and should be congratulated for it!

Then, the man quietly rides away as if nothing had happened. What a perfect gentleman!


When you encounter trouble, solve the problem and then go away gallantly without causing a fuss or searching for acknowledgement. This is what exactly it means to be a hero!

See Video Here

source: YouTube