A Sidewalk for Ducks in the UK is a Fantastic Example of Coexistence between People and Animals!!!

source: www.boredpanda.com

A sidewalk for ducks since has become a hot topic in the UK recently with many online viewers.

source: www.boredpanda.com

This sidewalk is called a “Duck Lane” and they have been created in London and Manchester and will soon be installed in Birmingham. High visibility of the illustrations are depicted in Duck Lane, but it is very easy to understand as these walkways are usually located near canals or rivers! At the top of the illustration is located with #share the space. It is an easy message to understand that “human beings and other animals need to share the sidewalk.” source: www.boredpanda.com

By the way, here is a parent-child family of ducks using the crosswalk while the cars have stopped to let them pass.

source: Youtube

It’s fantastic to see people and animals coexisting happily!!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: www.boredpanda.com / Youtube