Dad Shaves Beard for the First Time in 14 years and His Family’s Reaction is Fantastic!!!

This person had been wearing a beard and had not shaven for the past 14 years! So, when he decided to shave the beard in secret to surprise everyone, he was able to witness the various reactions of the members of his family! Will this change rejuvenate his image and alter the impression he makes with others without a beard.

First, he went to the shop to visit his sister and his mother.

His mom and his sister appear to be very surprised!

Wow! His dad came to the shop and walked right by his son without recognizing him!!

And, his dad, still doesn’t really notice him when looking at him directly.

Finally, he knows it him by the he was talking! Certainly, he is like a stranger to his father with his new appearance.

Next, he goes to meet his daughter and she notices him immediately, but has a look of surprise as she gazes at her shaven dad.

“You look like a different daddy”. He is pleased to witness his daughter’s reaction to his new look.

Then, his wife comes in and is genuinely surprised and happy to see his non-shaven face for the first time in 14 years. there!

Please look at the reaction of the family in the video.

See Video Here

Although a beard is a practical type of appearance, a clean shaven face is also a good style to have as it can rejuvenate one’s image to those people who are close and who care!! This change is positive!

source: YouTube

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