Can you Accurately Identify How Many People are wearing a (White) Lab Coat in the Video???

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source: YouTube

Introducing this video with a simple challenge this time. Can you identify How many people are in (white) lab coats? What do you think is the answer?

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source: YouTube

Since this man wearing a (white) lab coat and walks out of the screen to the right, please try to count the number of people who are wearing a (white) lab coat who come out one after another in the course of one minute in the video.

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source: YouTube

You might think it is such of a simple task to answer correctly but you need to find all the significant intensive force to concentrate and find the correct answer.

Really, I think everyone should be able to answer correctly.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

How was it? Did you find all of them at once? Did it require significant concentration to find the correct answer!

source: intensive .jp