Sensational Sink Otters are Wowing Crowds at a Japanese Zoo for their Charm and Movement!!!


Here are some “Sink Otters” at the Ichikawa Zoo in Japan. Beginning in 2012, the “Sink Otter” has been gaining in popularity every year and has become a new summer attraction at the zoo.


In response to the popularity of “Sink Otter”, zookeepers installed new playground equipment that featured half-cut plastic pipe with water flowing through them (Inspired by the sight of otters slipping on slopes of snow in nature). This unique attraction is receiving a lot buzz online and attendance at the zoo also has increased 30%.

The Popular Secret of Success is “No Water Flow”?!

The secret of its popularity seems to be a lack of water flow in the otter’s playground equipment which doesn’t allow the otter to slide down through the pipe smoothly and easily.

Like this.


It does not flow. Everyone moving together version.


Or Try to Ride on Top of the Pipe.


The zookeeper seems keep adjusting the water flow and the inclination of the pipe so this popular behaviour by the otters continues. The movement and charming facial expressions of the otters is sure to keep the crowds coming to the zoo!