Wonderful Wheelchair Innovation has Owner and Pooch Moving Together!!!


An owner and his dog both with physical disabilities can enjoy movement and life together thanks a wonderful wheelchair innovation!

It was saved by culling brink

This dog was involved in a traffic accident which left his rear legs paralyzed. Since the dog was not owned at that time, in most cases, the dog would have been put down.


However, the dog was adopted by a man who was also disabled and who couldn’t walk. It was a match made in heaven!


The owner was asked to prepare a wheelchair for his dog.


The puppy can now move vigorously thanks to the wheelchair, they can play basketball together with others or go cruising on the boat or many other activities which are now possible to do!


Moreover, Chance always comes running to the door to meet his owner when he arrives home. yodR4Z

Chances are that “Chance” the dog gets a lot of affection on a daily basis!

See Video Here

source: YouTube