Delicious Japanese Food Causing Weight Gain with Foreign Tourists!!!

Some foreigners visit about for two weeks in Japan. In general, they were all impressed by Japan’s food culture. In particular, one visitor gained about five kilograms (kg) in weight as a result of enjoying too much Japanese food! This person posted many of his Japan food adventure photos on the online bulletin board. Let’s take a look.

I gained weight truly after eating so much.

While walking in the Asakusa on the first day, I bought some thin skin red bean paste called Kinstuba.


The assortment of bakeries in Japan are amazing!


Chocolate croissants.


Sakura-mochi (cherry rice cake flavoured) sweets.


Cream puffs with Chocolate chips!


Vanilla and Green Tea and Cherry Candy in the form of sushi.


Sugar cube sweets with sweet biscuit flour which is amazing addictive!


Kumamon Chinese steamed buns.


Crepe vanilla ice bought at a vending machine.


Coffee flavoured ice cream power bar!


Okonomiyaki. (Japanese savoury pancakes)


Dorayaki shaped like a pancake.


These photos have been posted online, please take a look.

Online Comments

・Adventurous, I want to challenge Japanese food! (From Haute Cuisine to B-Grade Gourmet)
・Dorayaki pancakes with bean paste and chestnut! Thank you!
・Half ate a trip a few years ago! It becomes the next excuse the other half! Thank you!
・Colorful candied flowers (shown above) is not usually sold as a sweet.
・The croissants and crackers look awesome!
・I did not eat even one bad meal in Japan. The craftsmanship and food quality is heaven.
・Hiroshima okonomiyaki is more delicious!

Bakeries in Japan seems to have many different types of bread! Even so, there are so many to choose from as shown in the photo below.


For many foreign people, Japanese food is thought to have a healthy image, which is not surprising!

However, when you go on a trip to Japan, be prepared to eat a lot as there are so many delicious sweets, baked goods and candy which is everywhere and easy to purchase. It may be very easy to gain a few pounds when high calorie items are so easy to obtain.