A Grandfather Skateboard Wizard Shows Younger People How to Perform in a Cool Deception!!!

A group of elderly citizens look to be challenging time by wanting to skateboard against people who could be their grandchildren. How will this turn out?


▼ First, the seniors ask the young people if they can borrow a skateboard. The kids think that they are crazy since skateboarding is dangerous.

▼ A senior using a cane demands that the kids lend him a skateboard. “I used to be the best”.

▼ The young people immediately give up the skateboard.

▼ The young people are laughing and joking with each other.

▼ Grandpa is finally skateboarding in the park.

▼ Wow! Grandpa is actually pretty good!! 
He is really good!

▼ Some people are not that surprised.

▼ Grandpa even does a trick which blows people away!

▼ Grandpa walks away with a chuckle!fd300021r

Who on earth was the old man?

In fact, this old man is a young Spanish professional skater named Danny Leon who has been subjected to special makeup.

In the video, the young people were deceived and one should never judge a book by its cover.

See Video Here

I’d like to see this happen again!

source: YouTube