See A Fake Feline Freak Out a Group of Cats into a Panic in this Funny Video!!!

cats_01_640 source: YouTube

Here is realistic-looking feline-shaped “stuffed doll” sleeping on a cushion.

Many curious cats surround the sleeping cat and appear to be fooled by the fake feline as they are relaxed and are in a jovial mood!

But actually this stuffed animal has a certain skill set which will soon be unleashed on the unsuspecting cats nearby!

A shocking success!

This scene takes place in Bangkok, Thailand and this group of cats continue to mull around the sleeping feline and occasionally sniff the cat to try to detect some familiarity but the fake feline continues to lie motionless and sound asleep!

source: YouTube

The black cat on the left seems to be particularly curious and starts to touch the fake feline with itspaw!

Suddenly a box carrying a stuffed anomaly opens! The group of cats totally freak out and scatter away in total fear!

source: YouTube

Wow! Those cats were really freaked out by the sounds and movement of the fake feline!

Why were those cats so shocked?

source: YouTube

The fake feline totally fooled these cats and their shocked behavior is hilarious to see!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

What did you think?

The panic of these cats was truly amazing to see and their frantic movements was just like an animated cartoon!

source: YouTube