Outrageous Replica Cakes are Creating Quite a Reaction Online!!!


This topic has caught the attention of online users on overseas bulletin boards. A baked replica cake of “Elsa” or another famous movie character that can be ordered online with a customised message which is delivered directly to the customer’s home. However, the quality of the replica is something left to be desired and may not be as popular as one imagines according to some of comments below.

Reaction of Internet Users

・Sadly, it looks terrible.
・The purchase price of the cake is a little too expensive.
・The order was for a replica cake of Elsa but a replica cake of Ian McKellen arrived instead.

Here is Sir Ian McKellen, in the role of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

ian-mckellan-shall-not-pass-videorsource: http://static2.hypable.Com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ian-mckellan-shall-not-pass-video .jpg

I thought the replica cake character looked more like animated character, Thornbury!

Here is the USA animation character called “Thornbury”.

image01rsource: http://www.nickjapan.com/img/character/wild_thornberrys/image01.Jpg

The reaction of online users seem to agree that the above cakes do not closely resemble “Elsa” at all. Better accuracy may be required in the future.

source: reddit