Does an Unfinished and Unreliable Suspension Bridge in Russia make it a Bridge too Far???


An unfinished and unreliable suspension bridge in Russia (shown above) has become a popular topic among viewers online on the following website. bulletin board site overseas .

The bridge looks like that it is going to fall apart and appears to be located in the middle of nowhere. Would you try to cross this bridge in your car?

Online Comments

I think it will be a nice bridge when it is completed.
・Is it the only bridge to escape from Russia directly?
・It looks like a thrilling ride if you try to cross it by car.
・Did someone get tired in the middle of construction?

A to whether this bridge is actually being used by traffic? These photos clearly indicate that some people actually have a need of this river crossing.

A van is crossing the bridge.

Actually, when crossing the bridge by car, it is actually more stable than it looks though it may depend on the weather, the local conditions and the type of vehicle that you are driving!  That said, you will need some courage when attempting to use it!