Anti-theft Auto Protection Alternative in the form of an Ugly Car!!


At first glance, this car appears to be a battered wreck. But in fact, it is a brand new model that was transformed (at the request of the owner) to look that way as a method to reduce the potential of theft!! 
The high quality of this auto’s damaged appearance is outstanding.
Even the doorknob appears rusty! A rusty iron plate mounted in place of the glass window is impressive.
Even the rusted paint looks authentic!
However, a new beautiful new automobile is revealed underneath the customised “ugly” paint job.
I think you need to have a strong commitment toward protecting your car in this way while sacrificing the beautiful aesthetic of a new car…
This damaged appearance actually does appear to look a little too cool.
What do you think about using this method to prevent theft? Would it be effective?

It is difficult to predict if this will become popular in the future.


source: boredpanda