A Young Boy Studying Outside has touched the hearts of People Around the World!!!


Here is an image that was posted on an overseas website introducing a touching topic that is moving the hearts of people all over the world.

This photo was taken on Cebu Island in the Philippines. Some medical students who are attending the Cebu Doctors University saw this and decided to take a photo of this touching scene of a young boy who is trying to study in the most impoverished of situations that touches the hearts of so many people who viewed it.


If you are really important to me, we will find a way. Otherwise, you will find an excuse.

The boy’s name is Daniel Cabrera (9 years old). He does his homework outside on a bench next to the McDonald’s drive-through since his family cannot to pay the electricity at home and there is no light inside for him to study. A lot of sympathy from all over the world was generated from his situation as shown in the comments below.

Online Comments

・I am very sympathetic to the boy’s situation.
・This image really struck me.
・I want to think of a way to help this boy.
・”Trying to find a way and not an excuse” You’re right!
・I am impressed with the motivation of this young boy.
・How about McDonald’s providing a scholarship to this boy?
・What amazing courage displayed by this young child.

※ By the way, the Ministry of Social Welfare in the Philippines indicated that they would provide some type of support for the boy.

Daniel aims to become a police officer or a doctor in the future so many people hope that he will achieve his dream and that this thought-provoking image will improve the plight of other children in his situation all over the world.

source: www.reddit.com