Movie Fans are Thrilled to Meet the Real Terminator in a Hollywood Public Appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!


The newest movie instalment of “Terminator” series called “Terminator Genesis” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was currently being filmed on location carried out. Please take a look at the link:  “Terminator Genesis”

A surprise appearance by the real Terminator on the streets of Hollywood created a huge buzz online and the resulting video on Youtube has been viewed over 800 million times.

Arnold dressed as the Terminator is walking around town.

Schwarzenegger took to the Hollywood streets in the makeup and costume of the Terminator T-800. At this time, tourists were taking photos of a look-a-like of the movie star as shown in the photo below.

Then, the real thing approaches and tourists become genuinely excited to see a real movie star!

Schwarzenegger announces “I am the Terminator! Who are you!?” at the look-a-like. Tourists take commemorative photographs with delight at this rare appearance of one of the most famous actors in the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at the “Hollywood Wax Museum” of Hollywood and pretended to be a wax doll of himself as the Terminator.


When tourists are trying to take a commemorative photo, the Terminator suddenly start moving, stupefying both adults and children!WS000008_R

This young boy looks in shock to be next to the Real Terminator!

Six years after the last movie, the eagerly-awaited next instalment called “Terminator Genesis” will open in Japan on July 10th and I am sure that diehard fans can hardly wait! Please check the link here at:  “Terminator Genesis”

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source: YouTube