Strange and Unusual Food Combinations that May be Very Delicious!!!


Here are 10 unusual combinations of different foods that create a unique taste and flavour that you should and perhaps enjoy!

Caramel Pudding + Soy Sauce = Sea Urchin Flavour.

This is a famous combination.


Lean Sliced Tuna Sashimi + Soy Sauce + Mayonnaise = High Fat Tuna Belly.

This It is also famous.


Tangerine + Sheet of Seaweed + Soy Sauce = Mystery Flavour.

Is this also a classic? You will need a little courage to try it.


Fermented Soy Beans + Tuna + Green Onion = Negitoro (Famous Japanese Dish).

I think you will like this dish, so please give it a try.


Barley Tea + Orange Juice = Apple Juice.

I did not know this combination.


Barley Tea + Milk + Sugar = Coffee Milk.

I used to drink this when I was a child. It brings back some delicious memories.


Hot Milk + White Radish = Corn Soup.

This type of creamed corn soup flavour is very popular in Japan in the winter season.


Tomato + Honey = Strawberry Flavour.

Believe it or not. It is quite delicious.


Yogurt + Tofu = Fresh Cheesecake.

It looks fresh and healthy to eat.


Oolong Tea + Soda Water = Beer.

It is a variation of non-alcoholic beer.


What did you think?
Please try all of these combinations when you want a new flavour sensation!