Ingenuous Methods of Feeding Cats Without Fighting is Excellent!!!

fd300060 (1)
Look at this cute and interesting configuration of customised holes for cats to ear rice from without bothering each other. The cats do compete for the individual locations shown but do not compete for the food. It is an ingenuous way of feeding these cats.

Everybody makes lined up without permission and put the rice in one by one dish like this.
fd300061 (1)

Here is the cat private entrance leading to the eating area and it’s really crowded to get inside!
fd300062 (1)

The cat-only passage is shown here and it looks like a ninja mansion!
fd300063 (1)

Also, here is the exit!
fd300064 (1)

It must be fun to live in a place like this if you are a cat!

See Video Here

What did you think? Can you think of other interesting ways to organize and feed cats?

source: YouTube