This New Apple Cutting Technique Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Introducing a new method of how to cut apples! Usually most people would put a kitchen knife from the middle when you cut an apple, but how often is it cut into 8 equal parts using this method?

We are pleased to introduce an easier and more convenient to cut an apple equally into 8 pieces from the posted video below. Please enjoy watching the video.

Cutting Technique:

First, let’s turn over the apple!


And, rather than start cutting in the middle, let’s use the knife to leave a part of the core and cut into sections as shown below!


Then, it would look like this.

Indeed, this method is so easy to do.

Is this how to cut no matter how functional cut more

In the video, the cutting master,  Mr. Thompson is able to reassemble his cut apple to its original shape, using an elastic band to keep the shape and after 3 hours at room temperature still retains its freshness is truly amazing!


In addition, please use lemon juice to keep the apple slices more fresh and long-lasting!

A beautiful design can be achieved from its 8 piece foundation. It looks amazing!

This cutting technique is fast and convenient with the potential to create a beautiful design!

See Video Here

This might become the mainstream method of apple cutting in the future!
In Japan, this convenient goods they’ve been sold in 100 average! With this, I have is about the same as a cut can more easily!

See Video Here

This apple cutting technique is really amazing!

source: YouTube
source: YouTube