How to Make Perfect Pasta from Dried Noodles from this Secret Technique!!!


Cooking dried pasta noodles has a certain skill-set since cooking them to perfection is different from fresh pasta. Here is a foolproof way to cook dried pasta so it comes up “al dente” every time. This method is so easy to do!
First, put the dried pasta noodles into a container.
Then, pour water on the noodles so that it covers the pasta completely. Leave the noodles to soak for 2 hours.
After two hours, the pasta noodles will look like this!
After that, you can boil the noodles until they are ready to eat. Transfer the water that has been used to soak the pasta and boil it in a pot until it looks like the photo below.
After the water reaches a boil in about 1 minute, it is ok to add the pasta to the water as shown below.

Here is what the pasta looks like when completed.


See Video Here

Using the soaked water to boil the pasta again will create some sticky residue so you could replace the water at this stage if you want!

Please try this method by all means!

source: YouTube