See an Amazing Video on Creating a 3-D Image Using a Pencil and 4 Color Marker Pens!!!


At first glance, this drawing looks like an impressive and artistic three-dimensional creation of stunning workmanship and dynamic colors. In fact, only a pencil and four color markers are required if you watch this video and follow the instructions.

▼ To begin, you need paper, a pencil and 4 color marker pens as shown in the photo below.


▼ Trace an outline of your hand with a pencil.

▼ Make certain that a line is traced around each and every finger.

▼ Then, while using a marker, start to bend the line around the shape of your hand as shown below.

▼ Bend the lines around each finger like this.

▼ Then, trace a thick line with a different color of marker as shown below.

▼ It’s finished!

See Video Here

This easy technique and simple instructions means that people of all ages can try it!

Please give this technique a try!

source: YouTube