See the Unique Air Flow Technology of the World Famous Dyson Vacuum Cleaners!!!

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The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is famous all over the world and the newest model features a new technology that does not require a fan with blades to generate air flow that until now had been a standard feature of vacuum cleaners since the machine was created more than a hundred years ago.

This video demonstrates the unique technology of the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner at Yodobashi Camera Electronics store in Tokyo.
▼ Here are some Dyson cylinders highlighting the fantastic air flow technology of the vacuum cleaner without blades found in standard vacuum cleaners.
▼ Here are a number of blade-less fans arranged in a circle as balloons flow around with continuous air flow.

This technology looks like a lot of fun!
▼ Here is a cat about to jump through a Dyson Cylinder at home. I hope this kitty doesn’t get hurt by the “bladeless fan” technology!

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See a Cat Jump through the Dyson “Blade-less Fan” Here

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Are you impressed with this new vacuum cleaner technology by Dyson? Would you buy one of these machines for your home? These videos were quite impressive.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube