A Goldfish Wheelchair for Fish Who Cannot Swim is an Expression of Love by the Owner!!!


Here are one of the adorable images that have been posted on the large bulletin board service (BBS) website called Reddit. For goldfish that can no longer swim in a straight line, a handmade wheelchair has been created by the owner of the fish to aid its recovery. For more details, please click on the link here. REDDIT

Using a bandage and cork as a type of “wheelchair support” which will allow the fish to float and swim in an upright position is an ingenious creation by a loving owner who obviously cares for his fish. This lovable images has created a lot of buzz online with many viewers in the USA.

The owner seems to have developed a special apparatus to assist the fish in both swimming or floating. In the following video you can see the goldfish floating around and using this apparatus.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

The goldfish looks to have some discomfort wearing this support but I am certain that his owner will be encouraging him to success!

The affection of the owner toward his goldfish is very touching and many other fish owners may be considering this “wheelchair” for their own fish.

source: Reddit