This Amazing “Rinser” Toothbrush Allows People to Brush and Rinse Conveniently Anywhere!!!

7213532156_ab84833040_crThis toothbrush combines the newest innovation in the evolution of the toothbrush. Until recently, the brushing performance of this device was always the top priority which resulted in electrically powered brushes and vibration and speed. The above toothbrush finally focuses on another area of rinsing the mouth with water after brushing. This “Rinser” toothbrush provides a unique solution that should revolutionize the brushing and rinsing experience. 

This toothbrush can be filled up with water as shown in the photo below which provides a portable rinsing function. People can now brush their teeth conveniently without the need to have sink or basin of water as well as a cup for rinsing. It is quite a significant innovation.
7270539576_76d74a1967rThe rinse function is similar to the drinking fountains found in parks or playground. Tap water can be used to fill up the toothbrush.

Pressing a button on the handle of the toothbrush allows the water to be released when needed.
fd300001rPresto! Like the water from a fountain! A water source for rinsing your mouth of toothpaste after brushing is now possible!

See Video Here

This toothbrush no longer requires a cup since the rinse function provides a direct stream of water from the brush itself.

This “Rinser” toothbrush can now be pre-ordered. It should get a lot of attention!

source: YouTube
source: amronexperimental