Watch a Bullet Breaking Stength Challenge Between a Japanese Sword and a Butter Knife?!?


A Japanese Sword is said to be the strongest and sharpest blade in the world of cutlery!

And, I think many people have seen the video of the famous “A Bullet vs Japanese Sword” as it was able to cut a fired bullet in half fired from a gun as a type of verification as shown below.

You can see a bullet strike the samurai sword that was standing with the edge of the blade facing the oncoming bullet. erected. The result is a bullet split perfectly in half.



See Video Here

This exact same test was also carried out on a butter knife!

A bullet was fired toward the edge of the blade of the butter knife!

Here is the Result.
The bullet explodes into many tiny fragments.

See Video Here

It was a surprising display by the butter knife! Here are the two results displayed side by side showing how the different metal blades dealt with the impact of a speeding bullet.

The sharpness of the Japanese sword is amazing!

The strength of the butter knife is surprising!


See Video Here

After all, It was a very interesting challenge to watch on video!

source: YouTube
source: YouTube
source: YouTube