Japanese Kendo Masters Use “Star Wars” Lightsabers to Fight a Realistic Duel on Video!!!


A surreal combination between East and West!? A video of kendo combat using imitation lightsabers from the movie “Star Wars” has become a popular topic with many SC-FI viewers online all over the world!

This appears to be very realistic duel between skilled Kendo enthusiasts using a realistic looking lightsaber.


A heated duel by these Kendo sword practitioners.


The imitation lightsaber is surprisingly durable in combat conditions!


An aggressive attack by one of the protagonists!

Please enjoy the above kendo combat on the following video.

See Video Here

It is a fun loving and funny video that is a clash between traditional culture and high technology. A type of Star Wars and Kendo combined. I was surprised just how robust the lightsaber performed in combat conditions!

source: YouTube