An Aging Turtle is Refitted with Wheels to Miraculously Regain Movement!!!


“Mrs. T” is a pet turtle equipped with a set of wheels!

Her owner is named Jude who lives in Wales and they have been companions for over 30 years since Jude was an elementary student. This 60-years-old turtle was debilitated during the last winter while hibernating as rats ravaged her front feet making her unable to walk and move around.

Mrs. T was taken to the veternarian but her front feet was beyond saving so an ingenious solution was needed to allow Jude’s favorite turtle to move around again freely. The remedy was a set of wheels which came from a model airplane.

The set of wheels were modified so that the turtle could regain forward motion as shown in the above photo!

See Video Here

I hope this pet turtle will continue to live a happy and healthy life for a long time!

source: boredpanda