Here is an Amazing Video that Shows How to Tie a Shoelace in Just 2 seconds!!!


Here is a photo of a standard shoelace knot. Do you think it is possible to tie this shoelace knot in only two seconds? An amazing step by step process below will show you how to do this using a special technique.


First, begin to tie up the shoelaces normally as shown in the photo below.


Place the both ends of the laces on top of your “pinky” finger as shown below.


While holding the laces with your small finger, wrap the lace around your thumb and index finger.


Like this.


Then, pull the lace of your left hand through a hole created by your right hand as shown in the photo below.

And, together, take the laces between the thumb and the index finger.


Like this.


After that, pull the loops apart using the thumb and the index finger apart to complete the knot.


With practice, you can increase the speed of tying this knot in a little under 2 seconds!

See Video Here

Please show this amazing shoelace tying technique to your family and friends!

source: YouTube