An Adamant Cat Refuses to Move from His Favorite Sleeping Basket in a Hilariously Funny Video!!!


Here is a video about a cat is named Koshiro and this is his favorite sleeping basket. At the moment, Koshiro is resting comfortably in his basket and appears to not want to be disturbed. 


▼ By the way, this structure is called a “Neko Chigura” (as shown in the photo below) which is a traditional type of structure that houses a house cat in Japan.



▼ As the owner picks up Koshiro-chan from his sleeping basket and places him on the floor, the cat spins and dashes back to his basket at tremendous speed!

This dance continues between cat and owner again and again and again.


See Video Here

Koshiro-chan stubbornly refuses to leave his basket despite repeated attempts by his owner to remove him!

source: YouTube