A Cute Cat Expresses a Variety of Eye-catching Emotions While Looking Over an Adorable Baby!!!


Here is a photo of the family cat called “Roxy”. He is standing over the newest member of the family which is a beautiful baby now quietly sleeping in his crib. The expression on Roxy’s face is quite interesting as his eyes are wide open and he seems to be feeling some kind of strong emotion or thought.

What is Roxy thinking or feeling at this moment?

Perhaps he may expressing surprize to find out that his family has increased in size and no one decided to tell him about it.

“What didn’t anyone tell me about the new baby?”


Is it a look of surprize or is the family cat actually angry that no one in his human family told him about the new baby?!

“Hey! Can someone explain to me just why no one told me about the new baby here?


Roxy’s beautiful cat eyes really seem to convey a strong emotion though it is difficult to comprehend exactly what he is feeling at this moment! Apparently, the owners of this cute kitty had neglected to tell their cat about the new baby and Roxy stumbled on the sleeping infant on the day that the new baby had come home from the hospital for the very first time!

Do you think that the cat is feeling jealous about the newest member of the family?

Here is a photo of Roxy and the sleeping baby looking happy and content.

Apparently, Roxy’s feeling has changed and he seems to be enjoying spending time with the beautiful baby!

source: http://www.boredpanda.com