A Photo of a Despondent Doctor Unable to Save a Patient Creates a Huge Online Buzz Worldwide!!!


Here is a photo of a despondent Emergency Room (ER) doctor outside a hospital unable to contain his grief and being unable to save a patient which was recently posted on the overseas bulletin board website called Reddit. This image stimulated a large number of comments from a huge number of online viewers worldwide.

This haunting image of this medical professional stemmed from a situation in which he was unable to prevent the untimely death of a 19-year-old patient. An outpouring of poignant comments from people on this topic was touching in their sincerity.


Here are some of the comments posted by some of the online viewers who attempted to reach out to the doctor.

– One viewer wanted to express his appreciation to the doctor who attempted to care for his father before he passed away – Another viewer complimented doctors and nurses for trying their best to respect and treat the lives of people everywhere.

Every day medical professionals in countries all over the world attempt to save the lives of their patients with their dedication and commitment to their medical oath.

I think that many people wanted to express their heartfelt appreciation of their work through their comments on Reddit.

source: reddit