A Stray Cat is Found Caring for an Abandoned Baby inside the Trash in the Russian Winter!!!

Here is a homeless and heroic cat named “Marcia” who lives with her owner Irina in an apartment complex in Russia.fd200106rHere is “Marcia” walking outside in the freezing cold of winter.
fd200107rOne of the apartment residents named Irina noticed Marcia’s cries outside at the garbage disposal area.

When Irina went out to investigate on the cat she discovered an abandoned baby in the trash!

Marcia the cat was found nestling with the baby to keep the child warm! It seems that the cat was calling out for help while caring for the homeless infant!

Irina called the ambulance and the baby was taken to hospital where it was reported that the child was in good condition.

It seems that this heroic cat saved the baby’s life by keeping the child warm in the winter cold while also crying out for help!

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This homeless cat was taken in by Irina and now has a home in a cardboard box outside her apartment.

source: YouTube
source: http://rt.com/