The Pope Receives a Special Pizza Delivery from a Devoted Follower While Visiting Naples!!!


“I want to go out in public and enjoy a pizza in public”.

This is a lament from the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church who expressed his wish to enjoy going out in public and eating a pizza in the Italian city of Naples, Italy.

His wish came true as this wonderful scene was captured of one member of the crowd was to deliver a pizza to his holiness in this remarkable scene and video.

A Video  in the field.

source: YouTube

Here are excerpts from the video of Enzo, the owner and operator of the pizzeria “Don Ernesto” was photographed in the crowd holding a homemade pizza in his hands waiting for a chance to give the Pope an expression of his love for the spiritual leader.


In most circumstances, an unknown person with an unknown package approaching the Pope would be stopped by security but in this case, the Pope received this gift with a kindly smile!

The Pope had previously admitted that he professed a desire to enjoy famously delicious Neapolitan pizza but the high security required for such an important person had prevented such an excursion from occurring.

The special moment captured in this photograph.

The decisive scene in which another person was taken there was also such a thing!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

It was amazing to deliver this pizza to the Pontiff!

Enzo later commented, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to do that. It was so impressive that I could deliver my special pizza to the Pope with my own hands.”

▼ Enzo created a customized pizza with a topping of “Il Papa” (the Pope) in Italian.

source: Facebook

The Pope is loved by many religious followers all over the world.

source: YouTube