Be Amazed at a Lamborghini-Donated Police Cruiser with a Top Speed of 325 Kph!!!


Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini has recently developed and donated a police vehicle that is intended to prevent offenders who drive over the speed limit on major freeways and highways! This police car is reaching a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour and is becoming a topic of discussion with many online viewers on social media!


Here is an image of the donated vehicle painted as a police car which is able to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour (100 kph) in just 3.2 seconds!


According to Lamborghini, the “Gallardo” car is intended for usage as an emergency transport vehicle for medical emergencies that require the transit human organs or blood as well as a police car patrolling the roads of northern Italy around the city of Bologna.

In addition to the amazing engine performance, a number of specially designed gadgets have been installed into the car such as a tablet, portable extinguisher and ultra-shortwave radio! This is the second car donated by Lamborghini with the original “Gallardo” now on exhibition at a museum in Rome.

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