Watch a Curious Cat Participate in a Yoga Class with a Serious and Focused Practitioner!!!


Here is a yoga instructor demonstrating various positions while being filmed for the yoga training video. During the production a curious cat enters in and tries to distract the instructor who is able to maintain his composure and continue his demonstration without interruption.

Watching the interaction of the instructor and the feisty feline is a delight to watch and enjoy!

Here is the curious cat entering the yoga demonstration.

fd300011(1)rThe cat edges closer to the instructor while he looks out into the camera. How does he do that?

Now, the bothersome kitty starts to climb onto the instructor’s leg.

fd300013(1)rNow, the cat has climbed on the instructor’s back!
fd300014(1)rAs the demonstration ends, the tired cat ends lying down on the foot of the yoga instructor. What a workout!
fd300015(1)rThis wonderful interaction between the cat and the disciplined yoga devotee is simply wonderful to watch. Please enjoy the video!

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