Watch an Enormous Crocodile Take a Leisurely Stroll on a Golf Course in the USA!!!


At this golf course in the state of Florida, a large crocodile strolling around became a popular topic of discussion with many online viewers worldwide who marvelled that such a large monster was in such close proximity to people and civilization! Here is a website link from Wikipedia which give more detail on the American crocodile. For more details, please click here.  The American Crocodile from Wikipedia

This crocodile is estimated to be approximately 4 meters in length though these reptiles can grow up to 6.5 meters! This species has inhabited the earth for millions of years and they existed at the same time as the dinosaurs!

Here is crocodile emerging from the pond next the green and walking towards the flag. Is the large reptile going to eat the golf ball?


This crocodile looks quite cute as it catches some sun on the golf course green.

Online Comments

・This monster looks like it’s from the movie “Jurassic Park”.
・Just wanted some sun rather than attack any people playing golf.
・This happens in the USA every day?
・This beast actually looks quite cute♪.

Is certainly nothing other than the fear that will appear suddenly, but it is carefully, look and cute down from a distance.

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source: YouTube