Witness a Shocking Social Experiment of How to Stop a Child Abduction!!!


Here is a shocking social experiment. What would a person do if he or she was witness to a potential kidnapping of a young child by a suspicious individual? The intention of the author was to take a look at how people can actively prevent abductions from taking place if they happen upon a scene. This video attempts to re-enact an abduction of a child and how individuals can play a role in preventing it from occurring.

There are approximately 80 million people who are abducted each year in the United States! This number can be translated a kidnapping occurring every 40 seconds! To reduce these numbers, a social experiment was conducted!

Methodology of the Social Experiment.

First of all, the boy is scared and spoke to the concerned citizen who appears intent on listening to his story.
A kidnapper attempts to abduct a young child but is stopped by a concerned stranger who attempts to stop the abduction from taking place. There are a variety of reactions of people who witness such situations and separating the child from the perpetrator is one course of action.
fd300048(1)rThese people will try to move away from the man who brought the boy.
The abducted child is then handed over to another accomplice.

Different patterns of abduction.
Here is a scenario where a young child is approached by a suspicious person in full view of another person passing by.
If a stranger sees this, approaching the perpetrator and the child directly could prevent the abduction from taking place.

What would you do in the same situation? Please consider when watching the video below!

See Video Here (with Japanese Subtitles)

This is a quite a thought-provoking video on a serious issue which concern parents everywhere. Please always care for the protection of your children!


source: YouTube