A Canon Camera’s High Performance Zoom Capability Allows Clear Images from Amazing Distances!!!


This image was shot with the amazing zoom capability of the “Canon PowerShot SX60 HS” Digital Compact Camera” As aficionados of digital camera technology know, Canon is renowned for its high performance and accurate images.

This image gradually zooms out to reveal a significant distance between the musicians and the person holding the camera!


The image continues to zoom out and the distance away is truly remarkable!

This image continues to zoom out and now the musicians are invisible to the naked eye!

The image continues to zoom out even more. Is this really true?
In fact, the musicians are actually still in the image as shown by the circle. What amazing digital camera technology by Canon!
Please take a look at the video for a more detailed explanation of the “Canon PowerShot SX60 HS” Digital Compact Camera”!

See Video Here

Product Description Page:

Celestial bodies such as the moon and the stars are often too far away to see clearly, nor are birds which lurk in the place where they are subtly invisible to the naked eye. A regular compact camera cannot capture images in such a shooting area, whereas the Canon Powershot SX60 HS Digital Compact Camera can. In a 35mm film equivalent, and then covered with a single focal length of 21mm -1,365mm. In addition, if you use a progressive fine zoom capability in the digital zoom range, zoom shooting can be done up to 130 times while maintaining a high sense of resolution (2,730mm equivalent).

So, with this digital compact camera even the moon can be shot clearly!


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This digital compact camera has outstanding performance and it really does capture clear and detailed images. Would you consider purchasing this camera?


source: YouTube
source: canon