A Dedicated and Disciplined Dog Polices a Quarrel Between Two Contentious Cats!!!


A dog witnesses a conflict between two contentious cats on a quiet residential street and feels compelled to intervene and stop the potential fight. This pooch shows a natural ability to police and ensure that other pets conduct themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner!

Two quarreling cats appear to be on the brink of conflict in the image below.


A tiger-patterned cat on the left and a black-and-white cat on the right seem to be in disagreement about something and look ready to fight.



The black-and-white cat turns his attention away from his opponent and then the fight begins and the two felines are locked in fierce clench and roll around on the ground.


The tiger-patterned cat gains the upper hand and pounces on the other cat. This is quite a fight and the two kittys struggle violently with each other.

At that moment, a dog wanders onto the scene and heads straight to the fighting cats. They stop their fight instantly and turn their attention to the dog. Just like a policeman, the dog has intervened on a dispute and is resolved to end it!


After a stern stare at the two combatants, the dog communicates a clear request to stop hostilities immediately! As quickly as it started, the fight between the cats ends as the authority of this dog is too strong to ignore! The felines go their separate ways and the policing dog resumes his neighborhood patrol and his duty to maintain peace on the streets!

“It’s all in the line of duty for this dedicated dog!”

*This article has been sent by the selfish imagination of the author.

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source: YouTube