Enjoy These Wonderful Photos of 12 Married Couples Celebrating Over 50 Years Together!!!


Here are some inspirational photos of married couples who have been together for over 50 years! Despite their long and eventful relationship, these partners still display passion and romance for each other which is simply remarkable to see! Please enjoy these wonderful images!

1. These two people who met at a dance party in 1938 and have been in love for the past 77 years!


2. Here is couple still sharing secrets after all these years!


3. His wife says to her husband every day. “Today I wonder if you know just how much I loved you?!”


4. Leon and Harriet have been married for over 50 years.


5. A wife’s life without a husband is simply unthinkable. NO husband NO life.


6. This wife says “hot romance does not last forever but we are still in love!”


7. This couple met in 1939 and did not have a lot of money but life was so much fun together!


8. This couple was married 63 years ago but cannot seem to agree if they are both the same age! (He is 1 year older).


9. At the time they were married, this couple faced a lot of obstacles being together but racial barriers could not keep them apart!


10. My husband is not interested in talking about how many years we have been married but talks about growing old together.


11. The first time this couple met, they only spent three days together. Over the next five years, they only communicated by letters which took more than 20 days to arrive. After that, they got married and have been together ever since!


12. When I met her she was 14 years old and I was 22 years old. It was love at first sight and they have been together ever since!


These couples are a wonderful example of the importance of having a partner to share life with.

source: boredpanda