Watch the “Queen of Eating” from the USA Eat a 2-Kilogram Steak in Just Under 5 Minutes!!!


Molly Schuyler is known as the “Queen of Eating” in the United States and here are some astonishing videos and images of her eating prowess as she sets a new record when she consumed an entire steak weighing about 2 kilograms in less than 5 minutes! This topic has become a very popular one with online viewers everywhere.

See Video Here

Here is Molly eating the huge steak while holding it with two hands! You can the official timer at the top of the image.


Now, she is holding and eating a baked potato in one hand while drinking a glass of water with the other hand!

Molly finishes the 2 kilogram steak in less than 5 minutes! Congratulations and thank you for the meal!