“How to Sound Smart Saying Nothing” is a Wonderful TED Performance by “Will Stephen”!!!

This is “Will Stephen” and he is introducing important techniques to make a “breakthrough” presentation! as one of the guest speakers at TEDxNew York! His talk is titled “How to sound smart saying nothing”.

Capturing the Audience’s Attention Doesn’t Require Content!?

The most curious point of his talk is that there is no content in his talk but his uses of tone, gestures and pauses makes for effective communication that engages the audience. His use of simple visuals for changes of topic along with a confident speaking style is excellent!

However, it would appear to be something in the way of speaking one!
That you feel like saying something amazing!
fd300046rHere is an effective use of gestures with his glasses.

A question to the audience combined with a personal anecdote is cute, funny and slightly embarrassing!

His use of simple visuals with zero text is both effective and engaging though the content is non-existent!

His main points of discussion are summarized with Me … Buying … Time … and has no real meaning or substance but is entertaining nonetheless!

Looking at the numbers or data are impressive in many case for people even though they may have no meaning at all!

His performance has been posted on YouTube along with Japanese subtitles to encourage people to both watch and understand his effective presentation techniques!

His tone of voice is used to maintain the attention of the audience even if they don’t really understand what he is talking about.
How to Sound Smart Saying Nothing is a masterful demonstration of presentation techniques without the great content! 

See Video Here

What did you think?

This video is really funny and very entertaining!

But it is also very educational as it demonstrates some highly effective presentation and communication techniques that really work!

Despite having no text to speak from, “Will Stephen” gives a very compelling presentation which is engaging and maintains the interest of the audience at all times! 

source: YouTube