Watch a Clever and Determined Beagle Search and Find His Favorite Snack in the Kitchen!!!


Here is a beagle in the home of his family who just loves to eat chicken nuggets! Watch this clever and determined dog seek and find his favorite snack which is hidden somewhere in the kitchen. Please watch and enjoy how this pooch eventually searches for and discovers the chicken nuggets in these images and video!

Here is the hidden location of the chicken nuggets!


The beagle jumps up onto the table and looks for a way to reach the kitchen counter which looks so far away!


This clever dog now pushes a chair closer to the counter so he can jump up onto the counter! What a clever canine!


Now, the beagle climbs up to the counter and the hidden nuggets are so close to being discovered!


The dog uses his keen sense of smell to discover the secret hiding place of the nuggets!


It’s time to eat some delicious chicken nuggets!


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Online Viewer Comments

・This beagle is a genius!
・This dog is much smarter than a young child!
・This dog shows a lot of determination in his search for his favorite snack!