Watch these Supernatural Skills of Game Center Basketball Specialists Who Score Often!!!



Here are three men playing a basketball free throw game at a game center and though they are shooting at a very close distance, their ability to score as many baskets as possible is limited by a time limit. Speed, technique and accuracy is essential for success so the supernatural ability of the man pictured on the left of the image has truly extraordinary skills!

By using both hands, he is able to score an amazing number of free throws in a short period of time!


He seemingly doesn’t waste any time with this technique and after carefully calculating his final score, he was able to score 228 free throws in just 60 seconds! That is a whopping 3.8 free throws per second! It is quite simply a remarkable performance!

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This is amazing!


This man’s gesture appears to be one of frustration but his performance was astonishing!

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source: YouTube