A Rottweiler Dog Remains Refuses to Leave His Deceased Brother’s Side in a Touching Tribute!!!



This is a touching story of two brothers, they are Rottweiler dogs named Hank and Brutus who had been together since birth. One day, Hank passed away and his brother Brutus snuggled close to his brother and refused to leave his side.

His owner calls out to Brutus to get up but Brutus does not move away from his brother.


The owner is also heartbroken at the loss of Hank and Brutus looks up and listens to the sad voice of his owner with a sad expression as it he seems to understand the grief of the moment.

The dog’s owner also took this video so the pain of the situation is clearly felt as it captures such a poignant moment of loss between the owner and his remaining pet.

Animals also can feel the love and pain in the same way as human beings. Watching this video will also make you feel just how sad and heartfelt both the dog and his owner are at this time.

See Video Here

I hope Hank rests in peace and is happy in heaven. I hope Brutus has a happy life in the future.

source: YouTube