See the Amazing Innovation of “Smart Sensor” Pool Cushions on a Billiards Table for Beginners!!!



Billiards has recently been undergoing a boom in popularity. The difficulty in judging angles on the cushions of the table and deciding shots is one of the challenging aspects of the game and a group of students in Portugal have developed “smart cushion sensors” shown on Pool Live Aid on Facebook. In this system, the trajectory of a particular shot is shown on a table during the game in real time to aid novice players on shotmaking. The system is shown in the above photo.

Here is a player trying a shot by using the trajectory sensors which are shown on the table.

The ball does indeed for the path which has been plotted by the system and the shot is successful!

I really like video games but this “smart” billiards table is really interesting and this should become a very popular application for people who are learning to play the game and for those who would like to improve!


See Video Here

If there is even this, proficiency since it is possible to learn the angle to hit the ball looks pretty quickly become likely. Just After becoming well, since it may not Moriagara much by using this system, but it is merely a good practice.

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source: YouTube