Witness the World’s First Successful Skydiving Attempt from a Flying Drone in Latvia!!!

source: YouTube
A remote flying drone development company in Latvia called Aerones has just completed the world’s first successful attempt to fly humans in remote controlled flying drones and allow them to sky dive from that position at high altitude?

The world’s first skydive from a flying drone.

Aerones is a company that has been producing high-powered remote flying drones to perform various activities that are simply amazing!

▼ A flying drone used for the first time in this way.
source: YouTube
Here is a drone taking off from the water.

▼ Here is the human test-jumper.
source: YouTube
The test-jumper has a tense face.

▼ Here is the jumper stands on a steel platform.
source: YouTube

▼ Here is the flying drone about to pick up the jumper from the steel platform.
source: YouTube

▼ Here is the flying drone flying away with the jumper hanging in the air!
source: YouTube
Here is a unique view of the jumper looking up at the flying drone.

▼ The jumper can release from the drone at any time with a simple release of the hand!
source: YouTube

▼ The jumper will begin his sky dive from this height!
source: YouTube
This looks exciting!

Here is the jumper during his sky dive!
source: YouTube

▼ The parachute has been successfully opened!
source: YouTube

▼ The jumper is able to land on the ground safely!
WS000012_Rsource: YouTube

The flying drones are able to safely lift up to 100 kilograms so there should no problem to carry the human test-jumper in theory but it does look quite scary!

See Video Here

Drones are expected to be active in various fields in the future so this extreme deployment of this technology may be the first of many attempts that will be as equally outrageous!

Besides this experiment, please check out the website link at Aerones as there are other tests to utilize drones in various situations as shown in the following videos.

▼ Fire fighting activities with remote flying drones.

See Video Here

▼ Human rescue with with remote flying drones.

Please watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

▼ Wakeboarder towed by remote flying drones.

Please watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

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WThe evolution of drone technology seems certain to continue accelerating at an even faster pace in the future!

source: youtube

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