A Young Girl Violently Retaliates Against a Bullying English Teacher in Russia!!!


Here is a remarkable video of a young female student who physically retaliates against her English Teacher in a school in Russia.

Here is an image of the young student being scolded by the teacher in a loud and aggressive manner.

The teacher continues his animated tirade as the young girl silently watches on.

The girl remained standing upright but her face is cast downward as if to ignore the angry shouts of the teacher. It is really uncomfortable to watch!

Then, the teacher pokes his finger into the forehead of the student!

Suddenly, the girl violently kicks the teacher in the groin!
That was a perfect kick in the groin of the teacher! I am certain that it inflicted a lot of pain!

See Video Here

After watching this video, I imagine that the quality of education in Russian schools is quite poor! I hope that I am wrong to assume this!

source: YouTube